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Reply to Senator Mansergh Reply to Senator Mansergh On The Case Of (President) Mary McAleese Vs. Brendan Clifford (1.3mb).
Jack Jones Pamphlet The Vindication Of Jack Jones by Manus O'Riordan. A collection of articles first published in the Irish Political Review, 2010 - 2011. They defend Jack Jones' reputation and political legacy from the posthumous attack mounted by MI5 and the bourgeois press. (656kb)
Connolly In America by Manus O'Riordan. First Published by the Irish Communist Organisation in 1971. Now reproduced by SIPTU, with new introduction.
Dossier on MI5 Smear Campaign Against Jack Jones compiled by Manus O'Riordan [120kb].
Whither Northern Ireland? by Brendan Clifford (A Belfast Magazine No. 36, February 2010) [56kb]
Further Questions About West Cork In The War Of Independence, by Niall Meehan, from Irish Political Review, March 2008 [944kb]
Cutting Against The Grain by Mark Langhammer, 2003. [160kb]

Britain, Zionism & the Holocaust:— by John Smith

The Nazi Holocaust was the nadir of human civilisation, the most atrocious thing that has ever happened, and yet it occurred this century, in the midst of "European civilisation". The official version of history states that all Germans must share some guilt, and that all Britons can be proud. However, awkward questions keep on emerging, like bloody hands out of the rubble. Questions like why did British governments from 1933 to 1945 deny Europe's Jews a place of refuge? Why did the British government and its mouthpiece, the BBC, suppress news about mass executions of Jews?

This article aims to overturn official wisdom and show the truth to be that the British Empire was an accessory to the Nazi's murder of six million human beings on account of their so-called "race".

Mr. Smith is still working on this article, researching the attitude of the Soviet Union to Jewish refugees. In the meantime it can be downloaded as a PDF file (which requires the free Acrobat Reader).

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The Moral Collapse of the British Liberal Party Press in August 1914. Published as Problems of Communism & Socialism no 58, May 1999. With an introduction by Brendan Clifford